Here’s Why a .50 Caliber Bullet May Be the Ideal Gift for Your Groom

It’s not everyday that you need a groomsmen gift, so when the special time comes, you need to be prepared. When deciding what gift to pick, it’s important to be out of the box, unique, and not something that everybody gifts (nobody likes receiving something that they already own, and groomsmen are no exception!) In this high risk, high reward culture of groomsmen gifts, what should you purchase?

You could go with something generic, like square cufflinks, but even personalizing those isn’t likely to get anybody’s attention. You need something flashy, something that sets the bar high for other attendees, and that’s why you need .50 caliber bullet bottle openers from!

In an interview with a real groom, I asked what the ideal gift for him would be. The answer is as follows…

“I don’t have an ideal gift in mind, and that’s the beauty of picking one for a groom. It’s a special day for the groom, and one that won’t be forgotten for years to come (and that’s saying something). You don’t want your gift to be the run of the mill, generic plastic crap that they have on the shelves at Target. For me personally, I want something that I would never expect in a million years. When I open the packaging and unwrap the gift, I want to have no idea what’s in the box. I’ve remarried twice, and at the ripe age of 56, I know a thing or two about gifting and receiving gifts. The oddest thing that I received as a gift was a live chicken. Yes, somebody decided that it would be funny to buy a chicken, bring me out back, and show me it. At first I was confused and asked him why he brought his chicken in the trunk, but when he laughed and said that it was my chicken and he brought it as my gift, I laughed, opened a beer with him, and we continue to laugh at it to this day.”

On the topic of beer, let’s be real here: man to man, there are only a few things that make a day memorable. One of those things is beer. While you may lose that uncanny NFL cufflink you got, you won’t lose the beer bottle opener that… wait for it… it’s made from a bullet. When looking to get a gift for a groom, get them something that they’ll actually use; you know what they say: a bottle of beer a day keeps the doctor away. While your groom is cracking open a nice, cold bottle of beer, they’ll use that bottle opener you got them and you can be sure as hell that they won’t forget it.

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